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We Bring the Summer Camp to YOU!
Customized Pieces/Murals

We can create a unique customized piece for you.  Take a look at samples of our custom work and give us a call or click  below if you would like us to create a custom Masterpiece for you!

Customize your party by choosing your material and painting. The choices are Canvas, Wood pallet, or Glass painting.

After you have selected your material you will have over 2,000 paintings to choose from.

Let’s Plan Your Party

Child’s Birthday Party
Private Party or Group Event

Call us at 239-384-3637 or email us at paintandpartymobile@gmail.com to book your next party.

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Wood Pallets

Any painting you see below can be painted on a canvas!

Canvas Paintings

Any painting you see below can be painted on a wood pallet!

Glass Paintings

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